"Andy, I give you a lot of credit." Larry King

"Dear Andrew, Thank you for being a guest on the show. We appreciate your taking time to share yourself with our viewers and studio audience."
Oprah Winfrey

My son said it was “the best sermon he ever heard!
Pastor James Gomez
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

"Do you want a story that will grip you? Do you want someone who will share the gospel of Jesus Christ? Andy has an amazing story that speaks to you emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Rich Griffith
Woodmen Valley Chapel

I highly recommend Andy for any group that’s considering him for an event. You will not be disappointed.
Jim Caughey
Fox River Christian Church

Our audience was completely captivated by his theatrical movement and intense story. I strongly recommend Andy as he will most certainly "wow" your audience.
Jeff E. Belts
Hydesville Community Church

It was a privilege to have you on the “Praise the Lord” program in Costa Mesa. Your account of surviving a lion attack was riveting, and your testimony of seeing Jesus’ face was powerful!   
Paul & Jan Crouch
Trinity Broadcasting Network

Promotional Video for Andy Peterson, Lion Attack Survivor, Speaker and Author
(from James Crowley)

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Saved Twice

Andy miraculously survived a terrifying mountain lion attack at Roxborough State Park on April 30, 1998. After surviving the incredible attack, Andy received several dozen stitches to his face, neck, chest, stomach, shoulders and legs. Andy set a record at Swedish Hospital in Englewood, Colorado by requiring 70 staples to close his head wounds. Andy's inspirational story is one you have to hear!

This is how Lion King Ministries was founded. This amazing story has been shared with Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, Animal Planet, A&E Biography, Versus Channel, New Man Magazine, Reader's Digest, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Outdoor Life Network & Outdoor Life Magazine. Andy has also shared in numerous churches, conferences, men's events, wild game dinners, universities, youth events, businesses and many other events.

Andy Peterson
Andy Peterson

This testimony will fully captivate and touch your heart. Filled with details before, during, and after the incredible mountain lion attack. Andy's testimony is filled with a message of excitement and inspiration challenging all who hear. Schedule Andy today to hear the full captivating story!

“Being delivered from death and the jaws of a lion is a gift from God. I would not change it for the world. Jesus is real! Jesus is alive! And Jesus does answer prayers!" Today, Andy is a living witness of the love, grace and forgiveness of his best friend, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Andy is married to Cortney with their daughter Riley and son Jaden. They currently make their home in Tennessee.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him... 2 Chronicles 16:9


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